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°° Business in Olive °°

I’ve had this H&M dress hanging in my closet for over two years now and this week was the first time it saw the light of day.

Reason? Well that’s easy, the dress had been a tight fit from the beginning. Back then (I think it was February…) I blamed my grandma’s Christmas cookies but thought, oh well give me one or two months and it’ll fit perfectly. Well that didn’t go quite as planned, let’s leave it at that. ;)

But now, as you all can see, the dress fits again and it’s just perfect for the office on hot summer days!!

As I took this picture somewhere around 6am, in my rush to get out of the house, I didn’t have time to grab my heels and bag and run back to the mirror, so please just imagine my black pumps and a black leather tote. ;)
(I apologize sincerely, but I’m not the most organised person in the mornings…)

I don’t know why, but every time I’m wearing a dress or a skirt to work, I feel like I’m playing dress up.
It’s definitely an adjustment going from jeans 24/7, to wearing more ‘girly’ stuff at least 3 times a week, due to the current heat wave… but I kinda like it.

xo Andrea

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{ All dressed up }

Do you know this situation,… say you’ve set your mind on finding this one perfect piece of clothing, be it a jacket, or a certain kind of top, or in my case a pretty dress for summer? You go around, combing through stores and browsing the internet but most of the time you come up empty handed? And then, shortly before you’re about to give up, you randomly find a little, hidden treasure somewhere?

In my case I found this hidden gem inside my own closet! Can you believe it?? Sometimes I have to shake my head at myself…

I bought this dress 3 years ago, during my first trip to New York. I found it in a tiny hole-in-the-wall shop in Soho and it was pretty much love at first sight. I don’t know how I managed to forget about it…

This dress is actually very simple, but I love the little ruffles in the front and the chambray skirt. The fact that it’s super leight-weight is just an additional bonus.

A few colorful accessories for a much needed pop of color.

Dress from NYC, ASOS & DIY bracelets, Fossil watch, River Island necklace, ASOS gladiator flats.

It’s Friday again, and here in Austria we are in for a super hot weekend. They are estimating top temperatures up to 37 degrees, so that means I’m spending my days lakeside, working on my tan. That’s my kind of summer! :)

Have an amazing weekend, see you Monday.

xo Andrea

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Outfit: Dinner with the girls <3

Just a quick snapshot of what I wore to dinner with the girls on Monday. I’m absolutely in love with this top from H&M. It’s so lightweight and flowy that it’s simply perfect for hot summer days.

On another note, what I noticed on Monday while looking for something to wear, was that I need to get some pretty dresses and skirts asap! I actually have never been one for showing my legs (mostly because I don’t like them that much) but with summer practically on our doorstep and temperatures in the mid thirties every day, I’m tempted to say screw it and go and find a few pretty pieces.

Another thing that came to mind was that I need a new handbag immediately. I’d like a classic one, in good quality, not too big and most of all not too expensive… any suggestions where I could look for something like that?

H&M top and bag, Tally Weilj jeans, Esprit belt, Fossil watch and River Island necklace

xo Andrea

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°° Business attire °°

As previously mentioned my company held a huge event last week at one of our factories and I was called in to help.

Even though I’d been a bit nervous at first, about working at such a huge event together with people from all over the world it turned out to be so much fun and a huge success.

Don’t get me wrong, these two days of the actual event were the most exhausting work days of my life, but it was so worth it! ;)

As it is quite unusual to see me so dressed up I thought I’d show you last weeks business attire.

I realise these pictures are super-bad quality as I snapped them quickly on my way out in the morning, but I hope you forgive me, because alone the thought of re-creating these outfits, completely with curled hair and heels, makes me want to run away screaming. (My toes are still covered in several bandaids,… stupid heels…)

Day 1:

H&M skirt, blouse and bag, SMTH heels, scarf provided by the company

Day 2:

Mango dress, H&M top and flats, scarf provided by the company

On the second day I had to substitute the heels with my trusted flats because my feet hurt so much, I’wouldn’t have been able to walk in high shoes. I’ve never experienced this kind of pain from wearing heels! But obviously a whole day (17 hours all in all!!) standing and walking on asphalt will do that to you.

xo Andrea

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Studded & Sheer

I’m seriously, head over heels in love with my new blouse from Zara. I bought it last weekend and ever since then it has been hanging on my closet door.
I’m not usually one to be bothered by our unpredictable summer weather here in Austria but with this beauty staring in my face every morning, I found myself getting more and more impatient with this ongoing rain over the last week.

But yesterday we finally had some sunshine and temperatures which at least resembled something like summer, so I threw the blouse on first thing in the morning (hence the tired face not looking into the camera) and headed out for brunch with the girls.

Tired face (and crooked bun) deluxe

I <3 my studds

H&M top, Zara blouse, Tally Weilj jeans, Buffalo pumps

I can’t wait to show you the other things I bought at Zara last week… I seriously could have bought the whole store. They have such amazing stuff right now! Right up my alley!

Have a great day everyone!!

xo Andrea

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