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Estée Lauder & Clinique

As some of you might know, I don’t have the best skin condition and after trying nearly every soap, creme, medication (you name it, I’ve tried it…) out there, I’ve now resigned myself to the fact that I’ll just never goingt to have beautiful, clear skin.

Good thing there’s make-up! And while I never leave the house without it (expect for going to the gym or when I’m going for a run), I really try to make it as invisible as possible. This can be tricky though, as especially in summer with these hot temperatures you have a shiny-face in no time.

Now I might have found the non-plus-ultra though…

The Esteé Lauder Double Wear Make-up is a bit more pricey than the other make-ups I’ve tried so far, but it’s by far the best.

The texture is a bit thicker than I’m used to and even though it provides great coverage is doesn’t feel heavy or caked-on at all!

The other new product in my bathroom cabinet is a transparent powder from Clinique. According to the sales lady at Douglas you are supposed to apply it with a powder puff, but when applied like that, it’s just too ‘visible’ for my taste. I’m applying the powder with an ordinary brush and it blends perfectly.

So if you are looking for a make-up which provides a bit more coverage, or a great loose powder to prevent a shiny face, search no more!! These two products are definitely worth every Cent.

And with that I’m off into another hot weekend. Have a great one! :)


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{ Santorini nails }

Some of you might know that you can get 3-for-2 Essie nail polishes at Bipa right now (if not, hurry! The deal runs until the 7th of July!!), and as you’ve probably already gathered over the past few months, I have quite the soft spot for these nail polishes.
So when I heard of this deal last week, of course I couldn’t resist.

Since there is no summer vacation planned for me this year (I’ve to safe up for my trip to the US in fall -insert excited squeal here-…) I’ve decided to at least add a bit of summery feeling to my nails. Doesn’t this color combination remind you of the coast of Santorini as well?? ;) 

{  New additions to my ever-growing Essie collection.  }

{  Blanc  }

{  Bikini so teeny  }

{  No chips ahead  }

What colors do you wear on your nails this summer?

Have a good one! :)

xo Andrea

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Next please…

I’m not even trying to justify this one anymore… I’m simply addicted to Essie nail polishes.

Picked up this pretty one called Tart Deco at Bipa, on Friday. :)

It’s actually not as pink as it looks… it’s more like salmon-colored. Love it. <3

On another note, this week is going to be c-r-a-z-y!! We are hosting this huge event at our company, where around 2.700 people are expected and I’m responsible for making sure they all find their way around the plant okay and make it to the presentations and guided tours on time… So in short, I’ll probably be running around like a mad woman… please keep your fingers crossed that everything runs smoothly and I’m not loosing someone somewhere. ;)


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{ Italian Red }

I picked up this little beauty from the KIKO store in Verona. I absolutely love the color and the quality of KIKO products is also really good. The nail polish dries within a minute and doesn’t chip for days.

And with € 2,50 per pcs. it’s a real steal too


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°° Trio Infernale °°

Hey there!
I’m back from Vienna and while my credit card is still hurting from all the abuse, which it had to endure over the past 2 days, I’m pretty ecstatic!

Our 8-hour shopping marathon on Saturday has definitely paid off. I’m sooo happy with all my purchases. (Even though the way to all these new beauties was quite painful. —> tip: do not ever think you can walk around, the whole day in new flats and get away with it unharmed! Ouch!) Anyway, I’ll show you everything over the next few days.

First off… how could it be any different… I got some new nail polishes… surprise! ;)

Trio Infernale from American Apparel // Neon Red, Light Year, L’Esprit

These are my first nail polishes from American Apparel and after applying these two yesterday, I can totally reccomend them. The coverage is amazing(only one coat needed!) and they dry super quick!

Have a great Monday everyone.


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